Krysty Pringle UPDATE!, Taste Test, Things We do to keep from killing each other, and Mary Poppins

If you know us at Momentum Advertising, you probably know I force all of us to do some strange and fat things, like this week’s taste test. Yes, I’m taking full credit, because if I wasn’t here, no-one would even talk to each other. None of the insane things we do would ever have been done. Period. Is that period the actual period cause there’s a period after the period? Whatever. Who cares. Back to the post.


We fly pizza in from Chicago. We do taste tests with everything imaginable – from falafels, and cheese steaks to macaroons and poisonous energy drinks. We go to Comic Con and Momentum Advertising has even competed in a few Tough Mudders. We have hit up the MOMA – all together, hand-in-hand, singing and laughing. It’s like a scene out of Mary Poppins but with a bunch of mean monsters who are constantly looking for their next victim to feed on!


So, a week or so ago, Renee’s daughter Sydney turned us on to an ice cream that says it’s a healthy ice cream. Let me first say this. There is no such thing as a healthy ice cream (stupid evil marketers). But if the facts about the Ice cream are true, it’s definitely a healthier, lower calorie version of the cream of ice. So, we needed a Momentum Advertising taste test.


Momentum Advertising Taste Test
From the ice cream people’s site:
“While Halo Top is low-calorie, high-protein, and low-sugar, we use only the best, all-natural ingredients to craft our ice cream so that it tastes just like regular ice cream.”

We were pretty sure going in, that this taste test was going to be like tasting frozen protein powder with a hint of sour breast milk.


Off to the store for 8 flavors to taste test: Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Mocha Chip (we’re changing its name to Dusty Delicious), Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Pistachio, Black Cherry, Mint Chip, Chocolate Almond Crunch, and Sea Salt Caramel.


So, here’s the skinny. All the flavors we tested were damn good. If you consider the ingredients and calories, they are very good. Almost too good to believe – so they all get the thumbs up from Momentum. Well, except Black Cherry. That one tasted like frozen water. Our votes have the Pistachio as the best one. Keep in mind we have very strange tastes here. The Chocolate Mocha Chip (now called Dusty Delicious) at first tasted kinda like frozen protein powder. Oddly enough, everyone kept coming back to it because it was delicious. The Sea Salt Caramel was good but tasted a little like fake sugar. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is the one you come home to when you feel like crying, and quitting Momentum Advertising. Slam the whole thing down while keeping tears and snot from getting on the spoon whilst you shovel. It wasn’t the winner but it was definitely filled with hugs.


Taste Test winner
Why do I make them do these weird things? Because I’m always hungry and, sometimes, I think we need a break from all the annoying crap that goes on here. Our entire day usually consists of “emergency” after emergency created by people who, if they planned better, would have had plenty of time to get things done. But they didn’t and now it’s our problem. Do it now, right now. I need it yesterday. So, in turn, this ensures that what they get will be less than perfect, rushed, and not completely thought out. AHHHHHH can ya feel my anger? I want to rip arms and legs from bodies. Feel me?


So, to deal with it, I get everyone involved in these hairbrained schemes. Or maybe I just involve them so I can get Momentum to pay for it all?? Shhh


Anyway, if we don’t do these things, my need to kill is too much to control. It breaks up the crazy – and reminds us that work doesn’t have to be such a chore. I find it helps with creativity, along with moving around, standing desks, and peanut M&Ms. I also might be doing all this to avoid actually working. Just kidding. I love working. 🙂 It’s right up there with taxes, surgery, and snow shoveling. Crap, I have to do my taxes!


So, do yourself a favor. Get a bunch of co-workers you hate and force them into hanging out and doing cool things – or eating interesting things together. Let me know how it goes and send thanks by forwarding any leftovers to our office.
OHHHHH… Krysty Pringle has not only accepted my LinkedIn connection but has sent me a message, and even responded to a few.


LinkedIn Conversation
I ordered more hot sauce and yes, I put something insane in the comment section.


“I would like a personalized drawing in hot sauce, of me, a heart, and Krysty Pringle holding hands, by Krysty Pringle.”



Yea I know I’m annoying. See ya next week bitches

Andrew MacFarlane

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