Laura Carey

Laura Carey

Position: Director of Intermedia
Categories: Momentum

“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.” —Oscar Wilde

Laura Carey is the go-to creative monkey for Momentum. She not only helps review the work that goes to the clients, she works closely with the creative director to make sure all of our clients are receiving the best product possible. Oh, and did I mention she’s pretty awesome?

Laura reviews much of the print, advertising, and web design work that passes through Momentum––both in terms of the creative and the administrative processes. As director of intermedia, Laura is well versed in all manner of print and web work, ensuring that customers receive a completely functional, well-thought-out product. In addition to her many creative endeavors, Laura is also cofounder of the Friends of Kel, a local nonprofit organization designed to assist people living with cancer (2003–2012, currently on hiatus).

Laura holds degrees in computer animation, commercial graphic art, and awesomeness.

When you can’t find Laura at her computer working hard, she’s usually spending time with her daughters and husband, helping out at her family’s print shop, reading, watching movies, relaxing, sleeping, trying to relax with two kids in the house (impossible), camping––the list is endless.