Organizations often bring us in to consult with them on their current marketing efforts to get an outside opinion regarding their efficacy. That can include evaluating their website and digital media plan, reviewing their media mix and tactics, or performing a marketing audit and evaluation of their materials. Other times they want a review of their messaging and current strategic plan. Depending on the results, they may continue down their current path or hire Momentum to steer them in a new direction. Consulting services are an ongoing and critical part of our relationship with an existing client. Everyone on our team knows and understands our clients’ products/services and can deliver exactly what clients need, when they need it.

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Strategic Planning

Everything you do should begin with a plan. Too often we see businesses that are randomly employing strategies and tactics that are disconnected or unrelated to a vision or goal. We bring everything together and put it into a comprehensive and cohesive package. We start with a process called discovery. During this process we dig deep to understand our clients and their industry. We approach their business as an owner or investor would. Once done, we can intelligently put together a strategic plan that will create effective results while being sensitive to their budget. The plan will only include tactics appropriate for their type of business and will always include a way to measure results.

Media Buying

With the development of so many new forms of media in recent years, the process of buying media has become even more complex. While we continue to be experts at purchasing traditional media such as radio, print, TV, and display advertising, the digital world has become a media mainstay. Media plans now typically incorporate a significant amount of digital media in their plan such as Google AdWords, Facebook, and many other digital outlets. Digital media brings with it some significant advantages because of the availability of real-time analytics to help users measure results and make immediate adjustments. There is a true science to managing digital campaigns. With traditional media we continue to use qualified and quantified media analysis tools to evaluate and negotiate the best possible rates and value-added incentives for our clients, helping to extend their media budget well beyond its face value. You need a seasoned media buying agency to compete in today’s market.

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