Old Marketing Material, Trying to Look Busy, Drive Thru Exxpresso Rage, and Getting After It!

What to do with old marketing material… ? So I’m sitting in my office working my ass off just like any other day. Wait… no…, umm let me start over. So I’m sitting in my office trying to make sure it looks like I’m working and not just watching some YouTube goodness. I see Steve, the big Kahuna, walk past my door with a box of our brochures heading to the garbage. After a short talk, I learn he hates them and there’s only like 40 left so he’s throwing them out. Really Steve!? Good to know a year later that you hate them.

Its funny, we always laugh about how most clients get their marketing material printed up and then hoard it away in some dungeon so it doesn’t “get wasted.” When in reality its entire purpose is to be handed out to as many people as possible, as fast as possible.

So what do you do with your old marketing material? I mean the day after you get it it’s old, right? Do you put it in a safe or closet? Hide it so it doesn’t get wasted?

The biggest mistake you can make is holding on to your marketing material. Get it out there. This way it never gets outdated while in your possession. I mean, use it for the job you made it for.

What did I do with our old marketing material? Well first I headed off to Starbucks, and I spent literally 20 mins on the drive-thru line. This has become a ridiculous reality every time I go there. Why can’t someone open a successful coffee chain with drive thru that just serves coffee products not mountains of pre-packaged non-expirable bagged foods and blended sugary death shakes? I hate waiting on line for people who are waiting for their five-course breakfasts to be microwaved and handed to them in a bag. PEOPLE YOU NEED TO EITHER MAKE YOUR BREAKFAST AT HOME OR GO INSIDE!! I don’t have time to wait for you. Oh and why is it that every time I order an espresso at Starbucks it gets repeated back to me as EXXPRESSO😡. The people serving it don’t even know how to pronounce it? End rant.

Wait, you’re still waiting for an answer to the old marketing material thing…? Right. So, I take the existing 40 brochures and throw them in 40 folders. Write some Drew noise in a note, package it up and mail it out. All together this cost me maybe 2 hours picking some super lucky people to receive this awesome package, some time printing the note and some postage. The stuff is not that bad and what if I get one client or one job from the small amount of effort??? I’m sure if I do, Steve will throw tons of money my way for the effort and probably take me out to lunch for my awesomeness.

Okay, we know none of that will happen, and knowing me I probably screwed up the addresses on all 40 packages so they will all end up lost in mail space but doing something with the material is better than just throwing them straight to a landfill or letting them sit in the closet to die all lonely. So I guess what I’m saying is, if you have any marketing material, get after it! Get it together and get it out there. Unless of course it’s so bad it will hurt you. Then call me and we can make you some better materials.

Andrew MacFarlane

Andrew Macfarlane is the mastermind behind the creative department, but call him Drew. With over twenty years of experience working with interactive media, art direction, television, multimedia, print, web and events, a true Renaissance man—and damn he’s pretty! I totally wrote this. Think I’ll get caught? Oh, and don’t call me Andy. Ever . . . for reals, don’t! Drew is responsible for overseeing all creative services that Momentum offers including the graphic design, web and multi-media and video segments of the business. Mr. MacFarlane, is an award-winning designer, he is responsible for managing projects from conceptual development to final output. It is Mr. MacFarlane’s role to balance creative ideas with the strategic needs of each campaign once the market research has been performed. Have I told you his name is Mr. MacFarlane? Could I have said that anymore times?