Stale Marketing that suffers from S.A.D., My M&M-Filled Blood, and My Plea to Eat With You

Stale marketing, short days, and people walking around like zombies. This is what I think of when someone mentions the month of February.

It’s finally March. I couldn’t be happier that February is behind us. The sun will be out longer. I can get back to figuring out how to get outside, and hopefully get rid of this case of S.A.D. Yes, my doctor says I may have Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Wut? Yeah, that’s what I said to my doc. As I’m telling him I have no energy, I can’t get motivated at the gym, and I think something’s wrong – he’s talking over me as doctors do (because they are way too important to actually listen). He’s says, “sounds like you have seasonal affective disorder. I see this a lot. Very common.” I’m like, “wut, are you calling me SAD? Hahaha, that’s your diagnosis?” He does not think my comment and laughing are funny at all. I’m a tiny-brained commoner who couldn’t possibly understand that he, as a primary care physician, spends his days saving countless lives, and his nights coming up with cures to humanity-ending diseases before they get out of control.

“Can I get a blood test anyway please?” He blows me off, leaves, and sends in the nurse to drain me of my peanut-M&M-filled blood.

This all gets me thinking – what does the MAYO clinic think about S.A.D.?

  • Fall and winter S.A.D.
  • Irritability
  • Tiredness or low energy
  • Problems getting along with other people
  • Hypersensitivity to rejection
  • Heavy, “leaden” feeling in the arms or legs
  • Oversleeping
  • Appetite changes, especially a craving for foods high in carbohydrates
  • Weight gain

Crap it’s real. Come on spring! Can it be possible to suffer from S.A.D. all year round for 40 years? Hmmm…

This happens to be the time of year we see a lot of stale marketing. It’s funny, you can kinda take those bullets from the MAYO clinic and apply them to your stale marketing. Does your marketing suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder? Is your strategic marketing plan stale? Tired? Does it have problems relating to people? Heavy costs? Are you sleeping on prospective client’s needs, or do you not even have a plan? Good God man… get it together!!

We are on the cusp of spring. People will be full of energy and consuming media and products – like me at the dessert bar. There’s no better time to get your new strategic marketing plan in order, or to shine up those campaigns – whether digital or traditional. I’ll say it again… get it together people! Let’s shake the S.A.D. off and get moving. Pull all your people together and go over your stale marketing plan. Spring is almost here, let’s all be ready! Contact us if you need some big ideas or advice, or just someone to eat with! For real, I can just come over and eat with you. I have no issues with that – at all.

Andrew MacFarlane

Andrew Macfarlane is the mastermind behind the creative department, but call him Drew. With over twenty years of experience working with interactive media, art direction, television, multimedia, print, web and events, a true Renaissance man—and damn he’s pretty! I totally wrote this. Think I’ll get caught? Oh, and don’t call me Andy. Ever . . . for reals, don’t! Drew is responsible for overseeing all creative services that Momentum offers including the graphic design, web and multi-media and video segments of the business. Mr. MacFarlane, is an award-winning designer, he is responsible for managing projects from conceptual development to final output. It is Mr. MacFarlane’s role to balance creative ideas with the strategic needs of each campaign once the market research has been performed. Have I told you his name is Mr. MacFarlane? Could I have said that anymore times?