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Alright peeps, here’s the deal. It’s Friday, we’re gonna talk podcast. I’m sick as hell, and have been all week. So this might actually be my worst post yet. You’re probably saying, impossible your posts are all Nobel worthy, but for real… I’m struggling. I narrowly escaped having to go to a client meeting yesterday only to be saved by the fact that one of the major players was sick. Be warned, people are dropping like flies!

So here we go. My Sudafed kicked in about an hour ago. My heart is racing, I’m getting all emo, and running low on peanut M&Ms. Perfect timing to sit down and write my post which I should have finished yesterday. Anyhooo…

Last week I got a snap from an old friend and co-worker, John Bryan, who is currently the Director of Creative and Marketing at Darkside Records in Poughkeepsie NY. So what was in the snap I speak of? Well first let me tell you when I get a snap from JB, I always open ASAP. They are guaranteed to be filled with humor or sarcasm. Two things I can’t do without. God this post is cheesy… way too much Sudafed. Stay focused Drew.


Ok right, so the snap. It’s a video of a desktop screen showing some audio editing being worked on, and the audio is playing. The audio is the latest episode of one of the Podcasts he is running. I immediately realized he just said my name – but in super-secret super code. I hear Schmandrew Schmac Schmarlane.

Boom I replay. There it is again. Holy shit I’m famous! My name is going to be on a podcast. This is amazing. First this crazy successful blog and now podcasts!! I ask you, can my life get any better? I believe it cannot.

Have I told you how much I love podcasts? For marketing, they are a slam dunk! I mean what better way is there (besides video) to educate potential clients than with audio. There’s even a huge market for advertising space on successful podcasts, which to me makes way more sense than radio because podcasts are so targeted. There’s a podcast on everything. If you don’t believe me just search for a podcast on a hobby or interest of yours. Do it. Do it now!

Podcasters can do what they want as long as they choose to not be dependent on sponsors who throw them rules about how they can talk and what they can talk about. This makes for unbelievably great conversations, subject matter, and interviews. Which is why podcast marketing is growing so fast. I mean there are exceptions. There are a ton of garbage podcasts out there that are steered by their advertisers just like the old days of tv and radio, but they are disappearing every day.

I currently subscribe to 25 different podcasts. Yes 25. I spend almost 2 hours a day in my car and sometimes I find my rides are way more enjoyable when I’m listening to subjects I care about, or people who entertain me. Plus, if they have ads, they are usually perfectly targeted to the shit I want.

Maybe I love podcasts so much because I can pretend these people are my friends? Wait, so I pretend these people are my friends? OMG was that just a psychological breakthrough, or the start of a breakdown? Shhhhh, move on, I need more Sudafed.

Head over to the Darkside Records Podcast and listen to episode 24 to hear my name. I’m talking to all 4 of you reading this! Go Now!

You ready for a Krysty Pringle update?? How she has not called the FBI on me, I have no Idea. If you have been following all the posts with Krysty, you know last week I made the following request “I would like a personalized drawing in hot sauce, of me, a heart, and Krysty Pringle holding hands, by Krysty Pringle.”

Well it’s here people, and it’s been sitting on my desk so I can stare at it every day.

podcast blog desk pic

podcast note close up

I am currently shopping for a frame. Also I really like the nipple rings she gave me! But what’s the green thing? Is it a bracelet, or like a necklace for a chicken? The saga continues. Oh check out all the notes hung on the wall behind my desk – shit is starting to make me look like a stalker with a plan.


drew's wall

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