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Another Website Design Award. We’re Pretty Good at This … Tell Everyone!

We’re excited! Time to dust off the trophy shelf to make room for another website design award. We’re proud to announce that we won a silver Omni Award for the website design of a new corporate website for our client Jacobowitz and Gubits, LLP. The new website is the centerpiece of a total rebranding they underwent with us recently that included a new company logo, collateral materials and signage. Jacobowitz and Gubits is one of the largest and most diverse law firms in Orange County, NY. We wanted to design a new responsive website that reflected their stature and position in the legal community.

website design

“Being selected to receive this website award is a tremendous honor for our web design team,” said Steve Mayhew, President of Momentum. “We worked closely with the team at Jacobowitz and Gubits to create a website that was not only visually appealing and rich in content, but is also easy to navigate and client friendly in every regard.” Read more

Customer Service Marketing, Bath Bombs, More Hot Sauce and a Poop Emoji

Is it customer service marketing – or is customer service really the new marketing? This is what runs through my head as I sit in my bath tub and try to come up with the words for this post. Also bath bombs, if not made correctly, are gross, and candles while you bathe alone are sad, and a ton of work.

Anyway, I wrote a post a few weeks ago about YouTube advertising and a show called Hot Ones. You can check out the post for details. I ended up ordering some hot sauce from the company that sells the show’s hot sauce. The company is Heatonist. Bonus – they are located in Brooklyn, NY. Think local people, or at least stately!

customer service marketing

So I fill out the order form on their site. In the comments section before submitting my order I type – SEND ME FREE SHIT! like I always do on any site I order from, cause I’m insanely annoying. Read more

Creative Flow, Standing Desks, Caffeine, and a Douglas Adams Quote

Creative flow is one of the things we at Momentum battle with every day… along with slave wages, dysentery, drug addiction and P.M.M.D (Peanut M&M Disease). So how do we keep creative flow flowing? Well the truth is – we don’t…. at least collectively. We can’t. Sometimes the shit just doesn’t flow. So what do we do when the flow binds up? We have a tool box full of help.

One of the tools is each other. If one of us is working on something and we’re feeling creatively constipated (which happens, people, it’s perfectly normal), then we can walk around and bounce bad ideas off each other. Some of our most creative ideas have been born from sharing some of our worst ideas – sparking ridicule, thought and one-upmanship.

Another tool we use is having standing desks. We have 5 standing desks because you know “sitting is the new smoking”. We have noticed the act of being mobile keeps you sharp. Sitting makes people lethargic, cranky and short. If you haven’t tried a standing desk, do it. It can take a little getting used to but is totally worth it. Using a standing desk actually lowers your risk of weight gain, which means more peanut M&M’s and fish tacos. Any form of movement or exercise helps immensely with creative flow. So the next time your flow gets bound, try doing some work while stand for an hour.
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YouTube Advertising, Rachael Ray’s a Straight Up Gangster, Yes, I’m Naked and Eating Again

YouTube advertising. I’m obsessed with YouTube. Last year I added YouTube to my long list of things I’m addicted to. It’s right there under food and laying around in my bed.

You can often find me in my bed eating eggs benedict, peanut M&Ms, and popcorn while watching YouTube naked. Boom, that last part was for the ladies!  Naked, that part! It’s so bad that I sometimes have my phone in one hand searching YouTube, while watching YouTube on my TV. Anything and everything you’re into is at your fingertips, and endless amounts of content to obsess over.

Nothing good on… nothing good “ON”. ON? Why would anyone wait for something to be “ON”? Only stupidity can keep a person from watching what they want, when they want it. And when I hear people talking about “unplugging from the cable company”?? LOL Where you been? We did that years ago, when we got rid of home phones, milk delivery and polio. The digital game has made it so that we can setup our digital lives the way we want to and live quickly and easily with everything at our finger tips – while naked and eating. This in turn makes it easier to market products to people that they’re actually interested in, especially with YouTube advertising.

youtube advertising post

Some quick YouTube stats I grabbed from Brandwatch.

Full article can be found on Brandwatch

  • YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and third most visited site after Google and Facebook.
  • On average, there are billion views per day.
  • Time spent watching YouTube on TV has more than doubled in the last year.

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Holiday Hangovers, Marketing Cobwebs, Nerf Guns, and The Most Important Thing You Can Do In 2017

So, if you’re reading this you made it to 2017 and I’ll bet your marketing has suffered during the holidays. Like most people, you spun into 2017 with 2 flat tires, no breaks, and on empty…or maybe that’s just me? You’re probably torturing yourself with some sort of diet and your body is riddled with pain from going to the gym. You’re working extra hard to shake off all the holiday weight, brain fog, and memory of all the money you spent on the craziness. Did I really buy 5 new Nerf guns for my son? What the hell was I thinking. I have been shot at least 3 times in the eye and he hides them so I can’t take them away. His mounted attacks every night are taking their toll. I fear for my life!

Are you now just realizing that you have either done a half-ass job or totally neglected marketing for the last month or so? You’re not alone. In fact, the majority of companies hit auto pilot during the holidays and everything goes to hell. Momentum generally advises on cutting back on media buys during the holiday time. The larger product driven companies spend so much money on media during the holidays that it’s hard to compete and be seen with all the clutter. It’s just not worth the money for most!

Holiday Hangover

It’s January 5th though and time to get back at it. The clutter is gone and you need to stand out! If you’re having problems getting motivated and getting the cobwebs cleared out, get over to the local java joint and grab a quad espresso, do some push-ups, and scream for a bit. Remember your competition has been at it for days already and they never sleep! They are already on step 2 of their 2017 marketing plan. You have been warned. Good luck! Read more

Marketing Resolutions, People Throwing Things at me, Fish Tacos and Peanut M&Ms

Year end. The time of year full of promise.  Ahhh… can you feel it? I can start over and do things right! This year will be different. This year I will be the best I can be. It’s gonna be amazing. By Jan. 3rd I should have 6-pack abs and be driving that new GTR, followed by fans and people throwing money at me. This is my year. I can feel it! Time for some marketing resolutions. Let’s do this!

Jan. 4th…

Same lunch holder, same car, people are throwing things at me but it’s not money… I’d rather not say what it is. I can’t do this, I’m too tired. I spend half the day crying and looking for socks without holes. That’s it – I give up!

Quick… Phish tacos, some fries, a 1 pound bag of peanut M&Ms and I’m back to normal! Ahhh, that’s better. Who needs all that awesomeness anyway. Read more

3 Things Momentum Creatives Do During the Holidays + Holiday Marketing Tips

So first of all, if you’re reading this for holiday marketing tips you’re insane. You should have started worrying about this like at least a month ago. I mean really, holiday marketing tips on Dec 21st? We are only a few days from Christmas. At this point you need to grab a drink – preferably something strong with tons of ice and just slam it. Repeat until there’s nothing left but sadness and regret. That’s really the only tip I have.

But for real, I’m full of Christmas feels right now and just wanted to send a huge thanks out to all of our clients that put up with me and hope you all have a wonderful holiday – whatever it is your celebrating, or whatever it is I’m allowed to say, to whoever I’m allowed to say it to???

Anyway before I forget. Your 3 things creatives do during the holidays

creatives drinking to much
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Free Marketing! It’s That Time Of Year. Go away I hate you! #saynotospec Video

Free Marketing – yup, it’s that time of year again…time for contract renewals, new RFPs, and companies sneaking around looking for new agencies. What does this mean for us? It usually means hours of spinning our wheels, and catering to tons of outlandish requests. Just your basic everyone-has-lost-their-minds and they-can-do-this-marketing-stuff-themselves kinda season. After all, they read an article on marketing so they can handle this stuff, and if they can’t, their brother’s kid can do it. He’s a pro, he can email and stuff.

Okay, I know this may sound a little cynical, but let’s have a look at an actual potential client pitch meeting I was part of last week. Actually, wait, let me continue this post with a disclaimer:

IN NO WAY does this reflect the opinion of Momentum Advertising. It’s just Drew’s opinion and if you know me, then yeah, you’ve probably stopped reading already.

We arrived right on time, only to be left standing in a warehouse for 20 minutes waiting for the potential client to arrive. When he does arrive… no apology, no “sorry for keeping you waiting” – nothing. This has become normal for just about every meeting we go on now. I guess everyone’s time is way more valuable than ours. After all, we are just tiny little marketing people from the planet Advertising. Read more

Maintaining Websites – The Ever-Evolving World of SEO and the Uphill Battle

This week we remember those who served 75 years ago in the battle of Pearl Harbor. We kept our flags at half-mast and observed a moment of silence at 7:55 a.m. Hawaiian time for those who lost their lives. While considering a subject for this blog entry, I wanted to relate maintaining websites to something current. The only thing that came to mind was the battle of Pearl Harbor and how maintaining a website is also a battle… although never-ending.

Is this disrespectful or just ignorant? Probably both – so let’s just totally forget about the comparison and the fact that I have already had 4 shots of espresso, and speak a little about SEO and website maintenance.

Maintaining Websites SEO

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Communicating With A Client For Success – Unconventional Marketing Meetings

Friday afternoon began like many others for me. Grabbing my bag and heading out to Poughkeepsie to my Physical Therapist, Justin at Feldman Physical Therapy and Performance. I have been seeing Justin Feldman as a physical therapist for many years on and off and eventually convinced him to start using Momentum as his marketing and advertising agency.

Just like Justin is not a typical PT, he’s not a typical client either. He’s hands on about everything and constantly striving to learn more and perform at the highest level. This leads to some great conversations while being abused in his office.  Read more