Another Website Design Award. We’re Pretty Good at This … Tell Everyone!

We’re excited! Time to dust off the trophy shelf to make room for another website design award. We’re proud to announce that we won a silver Omni Award for the website design of a new corporate website for our client Jacobowitz and Gubits, LLP. The new website is the centerpiece of a total rebranding they underwent with us recently that included a new company logo, collateral materials and signage. Jacobowitz and Gubits is one of the largest and most diverse law firms in Orange County, NY. We wanted to design a new responsive website that reflected their stature and position in the legal community.

website design

“Being selected to receive this website award is a tremendous honor for our web design team,” said Steve Mayhew, President of Momentum. “We worked closely with the team at Jacobowitz and Gubits to create a website that was not only visually appealing and rich in content, but is also easy to navigate and client friendly in every regard.” Read more

Holiday Hangovers, Marketing Cobwebs, Nerf Guns, and The Most Important Thing You Can Do In 2017

So, if you’re reading this you made it to 2017 and I’ll bet your marketing has suffered during the holidays. Like most people, you spun into 2017 with 2 flat tires, no breaks, and on empty…or maybe that’s just me? You’re probably torturing yourself with some sort of diet and your body is riddled with pain from going to the gym. You’re working extra hard to shake off all the holiday weight, brain fog, and memory of all the money you spent on the craziness. Did I really buy 5 new Nerf guns for my son? What the hell was I thinking. I have been shot at least 3 times in the eye and he hides them so I can’t take them away. His mounted attacks every night are taking their toll. I fear for my life!

Are you now just realizing that you have either done a half-ass job or totally neglected marketing for the last month or so? You’re not alone. In fact, the majority of companies hit auto pilot during the holidays and everything goes to hell. Momentum generally advises on cutting back on media buys during the holiday time. The larger product driven companies spend so much money on media during the holidays that it’s hard to compete and be seen with all the clutter. It’s just not worth the money for most!

Holiday Hangover

It’s January 5th though and time to get back at it. The clutter is gone and you need to stand out! If you’re having problems getting motivated and getting the cobwebs cleared out, get over to the local java joint and grab a quad espresso, do some push-ups, and scream for a bit. Remember your competition has been at it for days already and they never sleep! They are already on step 2 of their 2017 marketing plan. You have been warned. Good luck! Read more