We washed the chalkboard wall, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Momentum Gets a Makeover and Fall is Here

For those of you who have been to our office – you know that its colorful, there’s airplanes hanging from the ceiling, and a room entirely dedicated to oversized bean bags surrounding a TV playing the thong song music video on repeat.

The room makes ya feel a little crazy. Our chalkboard wall looked like we let 25 sugar high kids loose on it. (evidence below)


With summer ending, and fall approaching (PSLs all day every day #basic) .. we felt we needed to (pumpkin) spice things up! An office was added, and the open area in front is now the intern island. Equipped with new swirly, sparkly purple chairs. Your welcome.

The Intern, Chicken Wing$, Hot Sauce and the Adventures of a Brave Pizza from Chicago

While this blog post has nothing to do with Robert De Niro and I am not a senior citizen, I am a senior in another sense. I will soon be graduating from college and am here to share my experiences as an intern.

Interning at Momentum has first and foremost been a learning experience, but also a crazy one that has left me wondering what other interns do?

During my first week we sampled some top notch wings, straying from your usual wing flavors and selecting Sticky Chipotle Lime, Spiced Parmesan Garlic, and Honey Sriracha- which Andrew (the hot sauce fanatic) repeatedly reminded me that it is pronounced ShRRiracha despite my naive thinking that it was simply siracha.

This was a day I went home to brag to my friends about. “Today at internship I ate sooo many wings” to which they all turned green with envy. Little did they know, this would not be the only time I would gloat of my internship experiences.

In the weeks to come we would sample several flavors of Halo Top ice cream- ice cream with only about 280 calories in an ENTIRE CONTAINER. It had to be too good to be true. Did it even taste like ice cream? For some reason we just had to see for ourselves. My beginning weeks were also peppered with rumors of cashing in Momentum’s loose change fund to fly in a deep dish pizza from Chicago. “How did that even work?” I wondered.  “A pizza with a private jet? Did it have a full size plane all to itself?” It seemed excessive, but I have never been to Chicago and pizza is one of my favorite foods (top 5 at the very least), so I wasn’t going to argue.

After a while, this adventurous eating needed to slow down. However, we never failed to pass around restaurant recommendations while also showing off photos of our perfectly filtered bao buns, curried noodles, beautifully crafted avocado toast and hot wieners from my home town in Lil Rhody (Rhode Island).

Safe to say the most prevalent emotion I felt while on the job was hungry.

Other topics of discussion on an average day at momentum included looking up how to make a quick buck- we looked into donating plasma, bone marrow, even eggs! But I’m not gonna lie to you- our most used conversation starter was “Guess what I ate this weekend?”

Hey Michelle.

Anyway, I felt like I was really part of the gang. We even followed each other on Instagram. I came in some days to a confused Andrew, who had assumed that my recent post on Instagram from my old study abroad collection meant that I had actually planned an impromptu European weekend getaway. lol, as if.

I’m gonna miss being part of such a cool team and having a space to try delicious foods and show off my food-tography skills. On to bigger (but probably not better) things. 11/10 would recommend being an intern @Momentum.

Instagram Marketing; What’s your Company’s Flavor? .. T Swift, Ice Cream, & REI

Why do we follow brands and celebrities on Instagram? We don’t actually know these people. They aren’t our friends. We don’t get drinks with Nike or Kevin Hart on a Friday night. We do it because we are curious, and it’s fun. Taylor Swift’s Instagram made me aware of her cat obsession, which lead me to the conclusion that we were definitely BFFs in a previous life.

As a fan, you want to gain a better understanding of the person or product. You want to learn more about the genius responsible for your favorite things. Instagram is the most personal of all the current social media platforms and it provides the opportunity to connect with the consumer on a deeper, more friendly level.

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