The Mothership, Creepy Lights, If they’re aliens, they picked a really boring town to invade.

First off I would like to say that I was never one to believe in the extra-terrestrial, or even one to be interested in “what lurks beyond our earth,” but I do believe that there are some things that are just unexplainable. Thursday, September 14th, around 1:30 AM pulling into my driveway, my headlights caught what I thought was a group of animals up in a tree. I shut my car off and decided to take another look with a flashlight. I pointed my flashlight at the tree quickly pulling it away. I realized that whatever was in the tree didn’t need the light to be seen. I was really confused and decided to call my sister, who was inside. She told me I’m nuts, there was nothing in the tree and quickly hung up on me. I kept looking at the tree and this “thing.” Whatever it was seemed to be getting bigger, bigger to the point of creating a reflection on the pond in my yard. I decided to attempt getting my sister outside again and this time I FaceTimed her so she could see that I wasn’t making it up. Within a minute she came flying out the front door, running into the front yard where we both just stared in disbelief. As this giant ball of lights silently hovered in the tree, I kid you not when I say about five coyotes started going nuts, howling so loud about two houses over. We spent a good hour outside, observing from a very far distance, filming the most hilarious Snapchats consisting of alien light blobs, howling coyotes and our dumbasses running like Olympic athletes throughout the yard. After freezing until we couldn’t feel our faces anymore, we finally called it quits for the night.

The next morning we re-watched the Snapchat stories we took and decided we needed to know what it was that we saw. Of course googling “lights hovering in the woods at night” gave us some completely crazy and unbelievable explanations, but we were determined to figure it out. As the week went by, we were still confused about the “the thing in the woods,” everyone we told about it thought we were crazy, and we were cracking alien jokes on the daily. It’s once again Thursday, a time of the night no normal human should be awake, and I happened to notice what I think are lights in the woods again. With no hesitation, my sister and I go out to investigate. Once again there is the same glowing ball of lights up in the trees, but this time in a different location and accompanied by a bunch of smaller “things” which seem to be equally distanced from it on both sides. These little “things” move very slightly back and forth and are constantly blinking red and green. We spend about an hour outside, freaked out and cold, then we went in for the night, once again really confused.

Throughout the rest of the month of October, and now into November, we have seen these light things so many times. We have forced friends and family members to wake up and go outside at ungodly hours of the night not only to have more witnesses, but to also prove that we’re not crazy or making it up. We have taken numerous pictures and videos, but none of them even do it justice. It’s a shame that the technology of an iPhone can recognize your face, but can’t focus on a light in the darkness. Every picture looks like a blob and every video is constantly alternating between two seconds in focus and thirty seconds as just straight blur. Still to this day my sister and I have no idea what these “things” actually are, but through our observations we have managed to get people curious, sharing all possibilities, and keeping an eye out for them as well.


Through our observations we’ve come to a few conclusions:

  1. Before these lights start to appear, there is always very loud noises in the woods, such as tree branches cracking.
  2. Wildlife tends to start acting weird when these lights start appearing ie: coyotes howling, numerous deer coming into our yard, even deer laying down about 20 feet from us, and our cat meowing so loud inside the house.
  3. There is always one giant cluster of lights that comes together at the top of a tree, this cluster moves down the tree literally slower than paint drying throughout the duration we observe it (we called it, “the mothership”).
  4. “The mothership” is always surrounded by smaller lights that blink red and green and do not move except hovering left and right.
  5. These things are not planes, or drones and they aren’t interested in abducting us.
  6. My sister and I are not as badass as we thought, we still have yet to get even remotely close to them.
  7. If they’re aliens, they picked a really boring town to invade.
  8. These things don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.
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