YouTube Advertising, Rachael Ray’s a Straight Up Gangster, Yes, I’m Naked and Eating Again

YouTube advertising. I’m obsessed with YouTube. Last year I added YouTube to my long list of things I’m addicted to. It’s right there under food and laying around in my bed.

You can often find me in my bed eating eggs benedict, peanut M&Ms, and popcorn while watching YouTube naked. Boom, that last part was for the ladies!  Naked, that part! It’s so bad that I sometimes have my phone in one hand searching YouTube, while watching YouTube on my TV. Anything and everything you’re into is at your fingertips, and endless amounts of content to obsess over.

Nothing good on… nothing good “ON”. ON? Why would anyone wait for something to be “ON”? Only stupidity can keep a person from watching what they want, when they want it. And when I hear people talking about “unplugging from the cable company”?? LOL Where you been? We did that years ago, when we got rid of home phones, milk delivery and polio. The digital game has made it so that we can setup our digital lives the way we want to and live quickly and easily with everything at our finger tips – while naked and eating. This in turn makes it easier to market products to people that they’re actually interested in, especially with YouTube advertising.

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Some quick YouTube stats I grabbed from Brandwatch.

Full article can be found on Brandwatch

  • YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and third most visited site after Google and Facebook.
  • On average, there are billion views per day.
  • Time spent watching YouTube on TV has more than doubled in the last year.

See that last stat. “The time people spend watching YouTube on their “TV” has more than doubled in the last year.”  There isn’t a TV or media streaming device that doesn’t have a YouTube app.  If I’m watching any media on a TV, I’m most likely naked, in bed eating, and using an Apple TV to watch any one of my over 150 subscriptions on YouTube. Occasionally I’ll rent a movie from Apple, or start Netflix to see if the 2nd season of Stranger Things has appeared. Really though… where the hell is it???? It’s got to be the best show of 2016 on Netflix. Anyway, back to YouTube. To sum it all up, if you’re questioning whether or not YouTube advertising is for you, just know you are already late, and its going nowhere but up.

Now for the best YouTube series you’re not watching – ‘Hot Ones.’ It’s got even less of a production budget then I get for client shoots. The premise is this. Get a celebrity to come on the show, sit down with them, and eat 10 hot wings. The first one being the mildest and the tenth being the hottest. In between each wing, they are asked “hot” questions. If they make it through they get 30 seconds to promote themselves.

Some of the celebrities include Jim Gaffigan, Kevin Hart, James Franco, and my favorite Bert Kreischer (the guy Van Wilder was based on). You’ll notice quickly that this has mostly comedians, chefs, and people from the rap industry, with actors sprinkled in. I mean Ja Rule is on it!! Ya feel me? Oh, Rachael Ray. Yeah, she is a straight up gangster. She opts out of eating the wings because she is a chicken wing snob and just uses spoons to administer the hot sauce. The woman is a legend and now sits at my imaginary table of bad asses I want to meet. If you like hot sauce or watching celebs squirm – check out Hot Ones. Also, be warned –  NOT for kids, and don’t judge me (actually, go ahead, judge me). Oh, also for any YouTube advertising needs or video production, give us a call 845-896-1010.

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