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Frustrated with your current advertising agency relationship?

Is it because your advertising agency isn’t being creative enough or strategic enough or responsive enough? Or is it because they’re not being savvy with their media recommendations, or marketing strategies? Maybe they want you to outspend the competition instead of outsmart them? We understand that you’re looking for a marketing agency partner not another vendor. Isn’t it time you gave your business some momentum?

We see things differently. We create and are driven by big ideas. We believe the sole purpose of these ideas is to drive revenue. We take a powerful analytical approach that won’t waste a nickel. We have the dream. We work the dream. We are always two steps ahead of new marketing practices. We develop brands by creating advertising leads, sales and measurable results. We become your business partner and you become successful.




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The Big Kahunas

Advertising and Marketing Team Momentum Advertising & Design

  • Steve Mayhew
    Steve Mayhew
  • Renée Bulla
    Renée Bulla
    VP/Client Services
  • Andrew MacFarlane
    Andrew MacFarlane
    VP/Creative Director
  • Phil Bulla
    Phil Bulla
    Director of Media Productions
  • Laura Carey
    Laura Carey
    Director of Intermedia
  • Michelle Furman
    Michelle Furman
    Designer/Marketing Assistant

Steve, Andrew and Renée have been working together in advertising and marketing for over 17 years. Each of them brings a unique and complimentary skill set to the marketing party. Steve is all about developing strategy, Andrew is a creative genius (at least that what he tells us) and Renée is so responsive, she makes every client feel like they’re our only one.

We tackle our client’s marketing goals from our own unique perspectives and then merge our collective viewpoints to develop a master plan for our client’s success. We understand each other’s strong points and talents intimately, which allows us to readily enhance and build upon the ideas and strategies that we create.

Basically, we’re able to finish each other’s sentences and interrupt and talk over each other, all without ever getting frustrated. It’s the type of synergy that can only exist when people know and understand each other the way family members do. It’s the only triangle we know of that’s not a mystery or filled with drama – only big ideas!

It also means that we can work at the speed of light. Working together for so long means that we each understand our clients in detail as well. We know their preferences, style, company personality, goals and what makes them tick. That means that when a client calls, we can respond in an instant. Everyone is already up-to-speed, knows what their role is, and what to do. Each staff member is also aware of each client’s history so they can  respond quickly as well.

There is a lot to be said for consistency and predictability… it’s one of the reasons why our clients love working with us. You’ll love working with us too!



Each completed project makes us hungry, hungry for more big ideas, designs, code and at least some more Twinkies. As a result we deliver a better experience.


We create, plan and manage all aspects of your organization’s branding efforts.


We produce high-impact television commercials by orchestrating the collective talents of professional writers, producers, engineers and actors.


We provide comprehensive and meaningful insight into tactics and strategies that can be essential to your long-term success.


Successful radio campaigns have two things in common: (1) incredibly compelling scripts and (2) superior production quality. You’ll receive both.


We ensure that your unique message is delivered to its intended audience with the highest degree of impact.


We create presentations utilizing a combination of forms, including text, audio, still images, animation, and video, which are sure to impress.

Public Relations

We craft PR that combines thoughtful pro-activity with the ability to react to developing company and industry events while simultaneously positioning you properly to your target market.

Strategic Planning

We provide a blueprint for your success that includes a comprehensive communication message, compelling creative execution, qualified media recommendations and measurable results.

Media Buying

We use qualified and quantified media analysis tools to evaluate and negotiate the best possible rates and value-added incentives for you, extending your media budget well beyond its face value.

Print design

We create ads that combine persuasive copy with innovative design—ads that not only get noticed but that differentiate you from the competition.


We create designs that feature the programming and architectural elements necessary to produce results . . . from high-volume e-commerce to content management systems (CMS) and the simple but highly effective smaller sites.

Social Media

The complexity of social media requires specific skill sets that we have and you need. If social media has you dumbfounded, we offer setup, maintenance and training for the new age of digital advertising.



We believe our creative speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

Creative –  Like it or not, the world is addicted to videos. YouTube is the second largest search-engine in the world and growing. Customers are not only accustomed to being able to watch a creative video to learn about you – they demand it. Momentum specializes in creating a wide range of creative video formats to accomplish your goals. That includes 30-second TV spots, long and short form infomercials, tutorials, training videos and educational series.

A major focus for Momentum is developing creative videos designed for digital advertising. We create compelling 10, 15 and 30 second creative videos that effectively capture viewer attention and generate results for your Google Adwords and social media campaigns. But our videos do much more than just drive web traffic, they produce results, including instant sales on e-commerce sites. We make video production easy for you because we do it all – from conceptualization and script writing to production and post-production.


The truth is, anybody can build a website. But you don’t just need a website, you need a 24 hour-a-day, 365 day a week sales force and store front. There is nothing more critical to your success than having a creative website that helps drive revenue – that’s the whole point, isn’t it? There’s more to a website than having a pretty face (although it should be great looking). Our award-winning website not only look good, they are programmed with the latest technology and are built for performance.

Our team will work with you to create a content rich creative website that is both intuitive and responsive. We develop websites from a strategic point-of-view with the goal of converting visiting prospects into customers. We emphasize functionality and are dedicated to creating a user-friendly creative experience that makes visitors want to keep coming back.  We’re also there for you going forward to ensure that your site is always fresh, full of new content and as search-engine optomized as it can be.

Having strong, creative collateral materials can have a substantial influence on the impression you make with new and existing customers. Your collateral materials must also compliment your overall branding strategy and company personality. Things like brochures, stationary, and sales materials are often the first statement you make about yourself to prospective customers. Collateral is often the ‘leave behind’ after a meeting or the piece a perspective customer picks up after visiting you. It needs to make a lasting impact and drive the customer to take-action with you.

Our award-winning graphic designers have many years of experience creating unique, innovative and creative materials that make a big impression. Not only are our materials visually striking, the copy is both compelling, sales worthy, creative,  and focused on generating results. This is extremely important for those organizations that rely on sales sheets, pamphlets, brochures or other materials to facilitate the sales process. We are also experts at annual reports, specialty packaging and creating custom presentations for many types of industries.

When it comes to print advertising, nothing is more important than standing out in the crowd.  Whether your ad is in the local newspaper, a trade journal, or you have a two-page display in Cosmo, only a unique and compelling ad will gain the reader’s attention. Great ads must do many things. They need to have a strong headline, creative captivating image, effective copy, and a call to action – all while representing your company brand and image in the best possible light. No wonder there are so many crappy ads out there.

Our award-winning graphic designers and copywriters will understand the details of your business and what sets you apart from your competition. We’ll take the time to learn what makes your customer tick and then create an ad that speaks to their hot buttons and responds to their needs. We never lose sight of the fact that ads have to do more than look great… they have to produce results.

There so many boring spots on the radio. It’s no wonder why so many businesses say they tried radio and it didn’t work for them. Radio advertising needs to grab your attention. It needs to tell a story… a good story, an interesting story. It also must be told by someone who you want to listen to. Just as importantly – it needs to be a story that the audience might be interested in hearing. Placing a spot about retirement living on a pop radio station is probably not going to get you the results you’re looking for.

At Momentum we’ve produced hundreds of creative spots using a wide range of talented voice-over professionals. Each one was hand-picked to appeal to a specific demographic and product audience. Spots are created with the listener in mind and caters to how the product or service solves the listener’s problem. Each spot also ends with a specific call-to-action. The Hudson Valley is a great region for radio. Momentum is a great advertising agency in the region for producing the right creative radio spot for the right radio station. Get the connection?


For many companies, their success is predicated on how well they perform at the various trade shows they attend each year. This is their main opportunity to make a splash in front of a dedicated group of potential customers. Even if you only attend one show per year, it’s critical to put your best foot forward. Momentum has created displays for a wide range of industries, each with its own unique set of needs.

What sets Momentum apart is that we don’t create trade show displays – we create trade shoe strategies. It all starts with the development of a theme that is consistent with the company’s goals for the show. Once a strategy is created, everything else follows including the booth layout and design, flow patterns, premiums to be given away, corresponding collateral materials, videos, and anything else that is appropriate for the show. Why just create a display when you can have a coordinated theme that insures your success?



A sampling of our client list. Feel free to click on their names and visit them. You can see from our list we have worked with a large variety of businesses small and large. We pride ourselves on our diverse client base. It gives us a chance to always be working on different, exciting and creative types of marketing.
Bonura Hospitality Group
Billy Joe's Ribworks
Blu Pointe
Shadows on the Hudson
Anthony's Pier 9
The Grandview
The Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel
Mid-Hudson Civic Center
Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center
Eisenhower Hall Theatre
Catlin Gardens
Tuscan Grill
Dutchess County Tourism
Holiday Inn Conference Center
Hampton Inn
Maron Hotel & Suites
Torches on the Hudson
Planet Wings Enterprises  
Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union  
Feldman, Kleidman, Coffey, Sappe & Regenbaum
Wallkill Valley Federal Savings & Loan
Sunset Mortgage
The Valley Group
Rutberg & Associates
Emery & Webb Insurance
Goldstein, Karlewicz & Goldstein
The Law Office Of James J. Cupero
VanDeWater & VanDeWater
Kirshon & Company
Prestige Financial
Investors' Advantage Portfolios
Jacobowitz & Gubits
Murphy Wealth Management Group
Myles Financial
Empire State Bank
10-15 Associates
Abilities First
Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce
Greater Newburgh Partnership
Newburgh Community Land Bank
Putnam ARC Disabilities
The Salvation Army
Temple Beth-El Poughkeepsie
American Heart Association
Family Services
United Way of Dutchess -Orange Region
Empire State Games 
Dutchess County United Teachers Council
Orange County Chamber of Commerce
Dutchess County Teachers
St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital
SLC Medical Group
Littman Cancer Center
CareMount Medical
Cornwall Radiation Oncology
Johnes Holden Home
Hudson Valley Imaging
Washingtonville Pediatrics
Norden Laser Eye Associates
Windsor Dental Center
Pediatric Urology Associates
Pediatric Gynecology Associates
Southern Dutchess Eye Care
Hudson Valley Dental Arts
Middletown Medical
Eidetic Therapy
Hudson Valley Hospice
Health & Wellness Counseling Center
MD Imaging 
Feldman Physical Therapy 
Montefiore Medical Center
Aesthetics by Norden
Harrison Medical Group
Segway of the Hudson Valley
Hudson Valley Diamonds
Pagones-O’Neill Investigations and Security
Boorom Engineering
Niche News & Events
Sunray Mobility
Granite Inspection Group
Madison Handbags
Nature’s Aire Systems
Burke Services  
Rainbow Pools
Superior Surfacing Systems, Ltd.
Povall Engineering
Tutor My Success

Prudential Serls
Hallmark Homes
Comstock Development
Schoonmaker Homes
Estate Builders of America
Jeremias Family of Homebuilders
The Cheshire Group
On-Site Sales & Marketing 
Shadows One
Shadows Marina
The Happy Button
Time Warner Cable
  - Liberty Division
  - Southern Tier Division
  - Manhattan Division
  - Road Runners/Business Class 
  - TWC Liberty Division
  - TWC Southern Tier Division
  - TWC Manhattan Division
The Body Perfect 
Morning Glory
TBP 4 Men
TBP 4 Kids
Nufree 4 men only
Mid-Hudson Subaru
Harr Ford
Harr Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge
Chevron USA
Swissray America
Equibal Labs
Robotic Industries Association
Ditron Inc.
Hudson Valley Renegades  
Charleston River Dogs
McCann Ice Arena
Ice Time Sports Complex


It's what our clients have to say that matters most!

... Knee pain I can fix, a website that doesn’t look great on a mobile phone, not quite. The first investment I made into the company was to hire the pro’s at Momentum to create an easy to navigate, engaging, seo, mobile friendly website. Their team easily took my rough ideas and turned them into an award winning website (no joke it won an award) ...
"I tend to be meticulous about things. They worked with me painstakingly until my marketing materials were exactly the way I wanted them to be . . . they have great patience and attention to detail."
"What I enjoy about working with Momentum is their energy level and the trust I have in them. I always take stock in their recommendations because I know they understand my business. They also make the creative process easy… I just make a call, tell them what I want, they'll research it and I always end up getting much more than I expected."
"You managed to do, in a matter of months, what two other advertising agencies couldn't do in three years. I would never have the national visibility I have without you. You are also the only people who treated my pocketbook as if it was their own… you always look out for my best interests."

"Momentum was responsive in meeting our needs and provided value-added recommendations that enhanced the overall quality of the event. Their ability to function under time constraints and high stress made all the difference."

"When we needed some help with the Empire State Games, there was no thought given . . . go to Momentum… and you did a fantastic job under some very extreme circumstances."
"I just want to thank the team at Momentum. When it comes to MPI's image we all feel like we've hit a home run. The look of the collateral materials, website and trade show display are all terrific. Thanks again to all!"

"When we need to make last minute changes to our media plan, we pick up the phone, discuss the situation and conclude our conversation with full confidence and knowledge that our needs are being addressed and met. That's the kind of service that makes Momentum great!!!"
"Although I had previously worked with other marketing firms, I consider Momentum to be the Holy Grail. I emphatically recommend Momentum without reservation."

"Our corporate growth plans being what they are, I knew I needed the best marketing professionals available. I looked at four different firms before selecting Momentum. It was obvious to me that they were exactly what I needed now and what I'll need for the future."
"In my experience with Momentum… their creative is strong, their execution flawless and attention to detail is comforting. When I was asked to relocate to take over a different Division, I knew I needed to take Momentum with me."
"Working with Momentum is an absolute pleasure! Their creative designs and ideas, complemented by their personalized service, rival an agency ten times their size. In today's environment of tough business decisions, choosing Momentum is one I am thankful for every day."
"Momentum Advertising is the best agency I've ever used . . . extremely responsive, analytical, smart business people, strong creative... easy to work with. Working with Momentum is like having a partner who is as interested in your business as you are. Most importantly, our financial results were great as a result of their efforts."
"Momentum shares St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital's commitment to quality, responsiveness, and overall excellence. Their team is talented, dedicated, and a pleasure to work with!"


Steve Mayhew

    I drink to make other people more interesting.”
    Ernest Hemingway

    Mr. Mayhew is the president and founder of Momentum. He oversees the day-to-day operations of the agency including creative direction, client services, media buying, administration and strategic direction. Steve formed Momentum in 1995 and has extensive brand management.

    Mr. Mayhew is the president and founder of Momentum. He oversees the day-to-day operations of the agency including creative direction, client services, media buying, administration and strategic direction. Mr. Mayhew formed Momentum in 1995 and has extensive brand management, marketing and advertising experience. Prior to forming Momentum, Steve was the chief executive officer for Hair Club for Men, a nationally recognized retail chain with locations throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

    Steve has personally developed and executed dozens of strategic marketing plans and produced television and radio spots, infomercials, direct mail campaigns and internal sales programs. Additionally, Mr. Mayhew has purchased media in over seventy markets and has experience managing high-volume call centers including database management and fulfillment services.

    Mr. Mayhew currently serves on the executive committee of the board of directors for the Mid-Hudson Civic Center. He is also the chairman of the Civic Center’s marketing committee. Mr. Mayhew served as a column writer on marketing and advertising topics for the Poughkeepsie Journal as a member of their “Ask the Experts” panel. Several of Mr. Mayhew’s articles are available for review on our website. Steve lives in Connecticut with his wife of 25 years and four boys.

    Renée Bulla
    VP/Client Services

      Life is too serious to be taken seriously.”
      Oscar Wilde

      Renée is our relationship VP. She’s the bridge between our lovely clients and our wild creative monkeys. She’s OCD about project details. She has umpteen years in the ad agency biz, the last twelve on the Momentum executive team. Renée is active in the community as the face of Momentum.

      Renée Bulla supervises and manages all client relationships at Momentum Advertising & Design. She serves as a liaison between the client and our creative staff, communicating the details of each project and campaign. Ms. Bulla has over fifteen years of advertising agency experience; with the last twelve as a member of the Momentum executive team. She is actively involved in obtaining and analyzing the market research and media analysis that is used to produce each client’s strategic marketing plan.

      Ms. Bulla is President of the Board of Directors for Abilities First (formerly REHAB Programs) and currently serves as the chair of the Marketing and PR Committee. She has served as the Abilities First Gala chair for the past five years.

      Ms. Bulla is a member of the Board of Directors for the Orange County Chamber of Commerce and is a former board member of the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce. To date, she is the only board member to serve simultaneously on both local chamber boards. Renée co-chairs the Orange Chamber’s PR/Marketing Committee and is a member of their gala committee. Renée was honored as the Orange County Chamber’s Volunteer of the Year in 2012. Renée also serves on the Dutchess Chamber’s Business Education Committee and their Foundation Golf Committee. She was Chair of the Dutchess Chamber’s 2008 gala as well as Vice Chair of the Centennial Communications Committee, celebrating the chamber’s one-hundred year anniversary.

      Ms. Bulla is a regular speaker for the SCORE Business Institute where she conducts a business seminar and workshop on media and marketing. Renée was honored in 2008 as an Athena Award nominee. The Athena award recognizes outstanding business and professional individuals for excellence in their chosen field, for providing valuable service to their community and for actively assisting women in their attainment of professional goals and leadership skills.

      Renée is also a guest speaker for KeyBank’s women-owned business division “Key4Women” where she educates women entrepreneurs on the proper method for analyzing and selecting the most efficient type of media for their business. She has been a panel speaker at the Women’s Leadership Alliance about Staying Competitive. Ms. Bulla also participates in the College Mentoring Program that operates in conjunction with four local universities and has been a guest speaker at SUNY Ulster for their entrepreneur seminar presenting about How to Get Started in Marketing.

      Renée lives in Orange County with her husband and their four children.

      Andrew MacFarlane
      VP/Creative Director

        We will be so loud that if we move in next door to you, your lawn will die.”
        Lemmy or Andrew Macfarlane 

        Andrew Macfarlane is the mastermind behind the creative department, but call him Drew. With over twenty years of experience working with interactive media, art direction, television, multimedia, print, web and events, a true Renaissance man—and damn he’s pretty! I totally wrote this. Think I’ll get caught? Oh, and don’t call me Andy. Ever . . . for reals, don’t!

        Drew is responsible for overseeing all creative services that Momentum offers including the graphic design, web and multi-media and video segments of the business. Mr. MacFarlane, is an award-winning designer, he is responsible for managing projects from conceptual development to final output. It is Mr. MacFarlane’s role to balance creative ideas with the strategic needs of each campaign once the market research has been performed. Have I told you his name is Mr. MacFarlane? Could I have said that anymore times?

        Mr. Andrew MacFarlane (see what I did there?) has won many international design awards. He keeps all of his awards in a special room that features many leather-bound books and smells of rich mahogany. If you want to see this room just ask. We can arrange a tour of his office. Its dark and filthy, He can usually be found cowering in a corner listing to the deadlines flying by.

        Mr. MacFarlane was a “Forty Under Forty” winner–designating him as one of forty people under the age of 40 whose efforts are shaping the Hudson River Valley Region and making a notable impact on his industry. Are you really still reading this? He’s way over 40 now and they had to put fake parts in him to keep him coming to work. When Mr. MacFarlane has free time, he can be found in funky town.

        Phil Bulla
        Director of Media Productions

          “Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens”
          Jimi Hendrix

          Phil Bulla is our radio and TV producer. He’s an Academy Award winner and multiple Grammy-nominated engineer. Not really sure what else you need to know with those credentials—he’s like the most famous of all of us. Oh, and yes, he’s married to Renée.

          Phil Bulla is the exclusive producer of all radio and television spots for Momentum Advertising & Design. With hundreds of commercials to his credit, Mr. Bulla has produced and engineered numerous recordings that have achieved Gold and Platinum status, and he has earned several Grammy nominations and an Academy Award.

          A former trombonist in the big bands of Mel Torme and Buddy Rich, Mr. Bulla moved from the stage to the studio in 1978 and began working for popular artists including Billy Joel, Michael Bolton and Whitney Houston. His work may be seen and heard on television shows produced by HBO, ABC, ESPN, USA Network and Disney.

          Throughout his career, Mr. Bulla has produced and engineered television and/or radio spots for such notable clients as AT&T, Coca-Cola, MCI, American Airlines, IBM, Kodak and McDonalds. Mr. Bulla’s numerous film credits include Straight Out of Brooklyn (HBO), Pet Sematary (Paramount Pictures), The Joe Louis Story (Xenon Entertainment), and Sweet Dreams, The Patsy Cline Story (HBO). Mr. Bulla has received the Golden Cindy Award and numerous national recognitions. In addition, Mr. Bulla produces music used in industrial shows for corporations that include Intel, Microsoft, MCI, Century 21, Citibank and American Express.

          Laura Carey
          Director of Intermedia

            I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”
            Oscar Wilde

            Laura is your go-to creative monkey for Momentum. She not only helps review the work that goes to the clients, but she works closely with the creative director to make sure all of our clients are receiving the best product possible. Oh, and did I mention she’s pretty awesome?

            Laura Carey reviews much of the print, advertising and web design work that passes through Momentum—both in terms of the creative and the administrative processes. As director of intermedia, Laura is well versed in all manner of print and web work, ensuring that customers receive a completely functional, and well-thought-out product. In addition to her many creative endeavors, Laura is also cofounder of the Friends of Kel, a local nonprofit organization designed to assist people living with cancer (2003 2012, currently on hiatus).

            Laura holds degrees in computer animation, commercial graphic art and awesomeness.

            When you can’t find Laura at her computer working hard, she’s usually spending time with her daughter and husband, making Twisted Pretzels, helping out at her family’s print shop, reading, watching movies, relaxing, sleeping, trying to relax with a four-year-old in the house (impossible), camping … the list is endless.

            Michelle Furman
            Designer/Marketing Assistant

              “Life is about using the whole box of crayons.”

              Michelle Furman juggles the roles of marketing assistant and graphic designer fro Momentum Advertising. Her responsibilities include design work as well as administrative work. She collaborates with the creative team to create the best possible product for our clients.

              Michelle Furman is the newest addition to the Momentum family. She partakes in both the creative and administrative processes. She is a designer, a skilled brain-stormer and the friendly voice you hear when you give Momentum a call. She is always happy to guide clients in the right direction and answer any questions.

              Michelle Furman discovered her interest in graphic design at SUNY Oneonta. She graduated in 2013 with a degree in Computer Art and Sociology.

              Michelle loves to try new restaurants, travel, and go on a good adventure, but she equally enjoys a Netflix movie marathon paired with her favorite sweatpants. When Michelle isn’t working you can find her singing in the shower, playing with her kitten, or taking a long run around the block. She loves the beach, ice cream, and new clothes… but really… who doesn’t?